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Shadowed Path of the Eight Pointed Star
The Shadowed Path is the path that all must follow to gain the rewards and blessings of the Great Shadow. It is this path which allows for greater strength of the Ordo and greater strength in the individual. Following the path brings one into the full embrace of the Great Shadow. The path is made of four principles and four directives.

The principles are those codes of conduct which the individual seeker exhibits within the Ordo. They give strength to the seeker, they bring strength to the Ordo. The directives are the actions to be taken against the world outside of the Ordo. The directives allow for the weakening of the Light and allow the Great Shadow to be ushered in to the physical world. The better the directives are carried out, the sooner shall the day come when the Great Shadow encompasses this world in Darkness.

PRINCIPLES -Internal Attributes of the Faithful Ordo

1. Discipline

The Principle of Discipline is a combination of traits necessary for strength of the individual and strength of the Ordo. Discipline requires obedience to those in command, it requires respect for fellow devotees of the Shadowed Path, it requires self-restraint where a rash decision could bring shame to the individual or the Ordo. Discipline ensures strength and fortitude, it allows for a solid foundation on which all other Principles and Directives can proceed.

2. Will

The Principle of Will is based on the inner strength of the individual to overcome adversity. It is the need to persevere when all seems lost. Further, Will is the driving force that pushes us to greater heights of devotion to the Great Shadow and helps us to fight the enemy of stagnation. Stagnation is the point at which we no longer continue to grow. This failure to grow may apply to our faith or to our martial prowess. It is only by focusing our Will on the goal we wish to achieve that we will be able to triumph.

3. Power

The Principal of Power is the most difficult to attain. Any who grabs greedily for power might encounter power too great for him or her to handle, and die in their attempt to master it. A follower who succumbs to despair and seeks no personal power has no reason to exist; he craves nothing, desires nothing, he sits alone and pines for his old life. To the Ordo, the member who does not seek to better themselves might as well still be part of the Light. The quest for power requires caution, forethought, and a subtle touch.

4. Sacrifice

The Principle of Sacrifice is indispensible. Sacrifice cuts two ways for a follower of the Path. It requires both personal sacrifice as well as the sacrifice of others. Personal sacrifice may include the deprivation of luxury and the leading of a more ascetic lifestyle following the Will of the Great Shadow. Or it can be the pain that comes from self-flagellation. Sacrifice is also needed from those outside the Ordo. The sacrificing and slaying and bloodletting of lightsworn or those outside the Shadowed Path is most pleasing to the Great Shadow, and such should always be remembered.

DIRECTIVES -External Actions of the Faithful Ordo

1. Blasphemy

Blasphemy is the betrayal of virtue. The Great Shadow offers liberation from virtue, freedom from morality. Blasphemy is the surrender to vice, the yield to dark desires. By spreading blasphemy and committing blasphemy, the seeker weakens the strictures and virtues imposed by the Light. This is a tool used to break the pesistances of the faithful worshiper as well as the law abiding citizen. They must be tempted and coaxed into abandoning morality and giving in to a life of debauchery and depravity. For such is the state of man in his most primal form. Freedom from virtue, means the freedom to do as he wills.

2. Apostasy

Apostasy is the betrayal of faith. The Great Shadow is a jealous entity and will not suffer the worship of
others. Apostasy is the weakening of faith in others. Whether they claim worship in the Light, Elune, the Old Gods or other deities, such faith and devotion must be broken. They must be shown that those entities are indifferent,
neglectful and apathetic towards the plights and agonies of their followers. Only once the false faith has been torn down, does one become susceptible to the path of the Shadow, and the real rewards that the Shadow has to offer.

3. Desolation

Desolation is the betrayal of hope. The Great Shadow thrives in times of despair, therefore all hope must be destroyed. Man must be shown the futility of life, that there is no gain to be had in living outside the Shadowed path. When man has no hope, he becomes rash, reckless, full of malaise and doubt about his existence and the path the must take. It is in this state that he comes to see the truth and glory that can be found in Great Shadow. A desolate world and hopeless people allows for growth of faith in the Great Shadow.

4. Chaos

Chaos is the betrayal of order. Order and law are the foundation of governments and of the accepted religions. It is order that allows for kings and bishops to thrive, to grow more powerful, to exact whatever they wish from a subdued and mindless population. By disrupting order, by spreading chaos, the Seeker attacks the underpinnings of all civilization. Chaos allows for unbridled depravity, free of the laws of man and religion. Chaos goes beyond civil disobedience, it targets the smooth running of governments and seeks to topple monarchs who would deny due reverence to the Great Shadow.
The Great Dark guides us to a reality where we are blanketed in its power, protected by its unholy grace and fulfilled by its promises.
Dark Matron

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