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Gatherings of the Ordo (Old timeline)
This topic will contain the old works of the former spymaster, for the purpose of entertainment with my typos, as well as a rough idea of the format used for old intelligence reports. Some are longer than others due to their nature, keep this in mind.

Disregard notes of hiding location, this has been put in a place that is available for any of the Ordo to look over.
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This is a journal, hidden in the Black Library in a location that is only known by the Council and himself, if anyone wishes to make use of this information otherwise, you'll have to get the location from Volt personally, or whisper how and where you look if you intend to find it some other way.))

Information acquired and entered into hidden journal, to which the location of are known only by Voltrin and the Council until further notice.

Recently both identified as now former members of the Templare.
Initiate Branagar Strongheart
Green eyes, Red hair, average height among the Templares, very heavily muscled, heavier armor, possibly protector focused paladin, spoke of being new to the order. Spoke of being raised in Northshire. Speaks very properly, addresses unknowns as Milady, very commonly seems to state the names of those he addresses following their titles. Just follow him around to learn more.

Initiate Avalene Lockheart
Green eyes, Red hair, short, just on the crest of five-feet. Commonly wears lite makeup, which seemed a bit out of place. Bears weapons that radiate healing magic. Seems to be capable of... Smelling Shadow... Most interesting.
She described the smell as Brimstone and ashes, perhaps she is familiar with demonic practices.
Spoke of being born in the Howling Fjord, raised in Redridge, moved to Stormwind for training. Spoke of herself as well as Initiate Branagar to be only two days into their membership with the order.
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This information is written in a journal hidden in a location only presently known by Voltrin and the Council until stated otherwise.

Initiate Daeiragh
Dwarf female, bearing an ornate silver hammer stood on the steps of the Cathedral speaking with another Templare. Was reportish a gnomish priest who began mumbling incoherently when they saw the paladin's tabard. Has a dull and ashy skin tone, a stuttering problem, and badly colored hair, recently gone from red or orange to black it seems.

Acolyte Gerard
Spoke as a veteran, though I don't believe I've seen much of this one before. Speaks attrociously of former templare Branagar. Speaks of him like a viper, or a false zealot of the light, as if the lot of them aren't...
Bore Phantom blade and a spiked cross shield, and wore a light red full-plate helm with a visor. Rest of armor is patchy.
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04/03/2014 *This information is hidden away in a journal, to which the location is only known by Voltrin, and the Council*

Acolyte Erideth
Short red hair, piercing in nose and left eyebrow. Spotted by the Lady commander with wandering attention, and came to the edge of being disciplined by the Lady Commander, indicating she is easily distracted, even at such high costs. Stooped down in the middle of a meeting to pick up glitter that had been thrown at other Templares.

Acolyte Marsilia
Dark Auburn shoulder length hair, aspiring healer, looks up to Newly appointed Captain Shellan the Pure. Spoke of being in the Stormwind military, and having access to shackles. Demonstrated standardized medical training for Alliance military; knew how to check for a pulse, double checked Battle Templar Tycota's bandages after he had been mended.

Battle Templar Tycota. Operated on and had metal physically removed from deep below muscle tissue in his shoulder. They believe him to have been infected somehow, and that something could be corrupting his entire body from a recent wound. Has memory lost as far as the last week, remembering only the meeting of the week before when he was promoted, and believed it was only the following day.
Stout of faith. He asked that his sword be removed from him, that he not cause trouble for the Order should there be lingering effects of the corruption.

After reviewing older notes of suspected Inquisitores, I found one description that matches this one to the letter.
Night elf, light almost pinkish skin, either white or extremely light blue hair, red robes, shoulders, white gloves stained with blood, bearing Inquisitores tabard. Those present seemed to make it a point to not address her directly. Performing surgical cuts on Battle Templar Tycota in the lower levels of the Cathedral. Seems rather knowledgable in the ways of surgery, peeling back individual layers of muscle to remove shrapnel that somehow got within Battle Templar Tycota. Used green regenerative magics, most likely druidic.

Chaplain Kaddix demonstrated an illusion where she was capable of switching physical appearances with another individual for a short time. She seemed to grow fidgetty after that had been done, pacing back and forth as in walking off a tackle.

Azrock put Burns to the task of destroying the shards of metal found within Tycota's body, and was told exclusively not to touch them.
Kaddix said that the Agent, CC, must be found, potentially due to her contact with the metal fragments. She also remains in possession of one shard of this 'tainted metal'.
Azrock determined that a high priority, and insisted every agent begin the search. Perhaps this metal fragment could be of use to use if they fear it's potency so much, yet Agent CC ignored their fear of touching it. Agent CC also seemed intrigued as she touched it and stuck her finger in her mouth... She also poured something onto the metal and then poured the liquid back into a separate vial, and held a wrench with her. Perhaps she intends to attempt to build something out of it...
[Image: VoltSig.png.html?o=4]
((Stood against the wall facing into the room. Was only capable of seeing CC, Winterale, Amelas, Burns, and Brega for most if not all.))

CC stated she cut her finger on the tainted metal and went about her business without seeking healing. They believe this to have been the source of her terrible memory.
Claimed she drank purification potions, which seemed to have no effect.

Azrock inquired about a specialist that had been brought up in Shattrath. CC claimed the Aldor had specialists in Fel and Demonic things that could assist her.
Azrock further questioned her judgement after seeing the surgical work of the Inquisition, to which she expressed her distrust in the Surgeon's capabilities.

CC's distrust in the healing capabilities of her allies offended the Grandmaster, to which CC quickly defended that he was not around to tend to her. She claimed that the sickness did not effect her until the day following the cut, which is contrary to what seemed to be the effects it had on Battle Templar Tycota.

Azrock further inquired about the specialist, and claimed that she had been hesitant to speak of them before. CC stated her friend "Fio" And claimed they carried her and stayed with her until she was well. Azrock named them as a former member of the order. Seems he departed from the Order following some long pilgrimage, and no further details were given.

I departed shortly after this, as another Templare stepped forward and was asked to speak on CC's behalf, which leads me to believe she may have been under a magnifying glass, so to speak. The protective details began to change, and I was forced to move out of earshot to remain unnoticed.
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05/05/2014 "Eltock."

Eltock went in search of the Prophetess when her presence was felt for the first time in more than a few nights... As did the rest on stone. Eltock went to Felwood, to Jaedenar, and seems to have come accross a gathering of Satyr. He called for aid, and I was too late to arrive. Eltock was gone, as was the congregation he had found. Eltock's stone, weapons, belt and shirt sleeve were all that remained. I can't track through a portal, and none else on stone can... He's lost for now.
[Image: VoltSig.png.html?o=4]
"Trouble Seeker."
Masked rogue in grey leather, with daggers that held dark enchantments upon them sought the backing of organizations after having caught the attention of a couple of Templare whom he did not name. He spoke of the exchange of favors, and what seemed more so along the lines of wanting a shield for when trouble comes his way. He spoke of knowing Templare to hide secrets, and made comparison to Dragon's protecting their hoard. Which makes me wonder if there is not a bigger stronghold for the Templare elsewhere...

Said he could often be found in the Dark room with all the folks in silly hats on the edge of the Dwarven District.
His hair color was not visible, so unless he wears this same armor when he walks about, we will have little in the way of identifying him. Though he said he would look for us in the doorway. Perhaps he will post and simply wait for one of us that he has scouted to catch his eye there.
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Not so much a report of anything interesting, but it seems that Battle Templar Brega was being disciplined, and being spoken to of how his actions and lack of attendance could have him removed from the Honor Guard by the Lady Commander. We'll need to be on the lookout for their new candidates. Perhaps Tycota will be shooting through the ranks even faster than anticipated.
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05/20/2014 "Templare - Corinte"

Rose brought to attention a discussion amongst a few Templare and Chaplain Kaddix. It seems they have deducted enough to know that Corinthe is not simply a stray wandering about the district, and even under penance for her recklessness has gone into their crypts.

It seems she finds herself more than comfortable wandering herself in their dwellings, her only disguise being a dress rather than her battle attire. I have made suggestion to the Tyrant in assigning blades to act as restraints to the two of them, as the threat to them, as well as possibly the Ordo, should they be found and thought of as spies, is now becoming very real.
[Image: VoltSig.png.html?o=4]
This report contains multiple pages of quotations and thoughts on the interpretations. This is also hidden in the Library in a place only known by the Council and Voltrin himself until otherwise stated.

05/22/2014 "Templare. Daeiragh."

I passed by Phurgus' personal assassin while headed down to the crypts to do some intelligence gathering. He lurked in the Shadows, a skilled hunter no doubt.
I came across Saxon, Kaddix, and Daeiragh; Daeiragh being the apprentice to the Lord Inquisitor. Saxon asked if he had any progress towards her 'condition', to which she stated there was little.
Daeiragh spoke of encountering an old acquaintance that troubled her in their presence. Evidentally, more than we are looking in on them. She stated that a few emissaries of her acquaintance were in the room when she discussed the depth of her condition. I'm wondering if she could have old ties to the Cultro, or a member of...

Saxon seemed in disbelief she was spied upon while in the presence of the Lord Inquisitor one week ago.

Daeiragh believes harm will befall the Order and complicate their workings. She also speaks that if we learn the terms of her curse before they do, she is doomed.

"... I made the bargain, I felt only my guilt for how I had been played by my clan to condemn one better than I."

"I wish I could write it, say it, scream it what I must do, but as I said before-- you must watch my actions."

"I'll say her name, the one I wronged, Damarisa, hers as simple. Do you remember her terms? Do you remember what number they involved?"

"This is indirect but I must grow in skill of arms to break the first link... I must survive in battle and I..."

Damarisa's terms were spoken, that she needed to tell her story to three people in three different circumstances.

"Mine is more difficult... But the number matters. The first link is hard. But if I break it, the other two will follow swiftly... You will have a decision to make then-- but no matter what you decide-- after it will be broke, and I will have harmed none but myself."

She spoke of her bargain that resulted in this curse, was to free her sister from 'unravelling from the inside out', whatever that means.

"But she, just as I, once she stated to tell the first tale, then the second, she had to finish, from the power of the curse, she could not stop. When she was asked, she had to answer, when demanded, she had to answer."

She stated that the first step of her curse, was surviving combat, though she survived when I assailed her and the Scarlet for interrogation, though I knocked her unconscious. Perhaps this stipulation requires her arising triumphant. In this, I believe the Templare may attempt to bring battle with their numbers down on one of ours isolated, to allow her the killing blow and perhaps break the curse.

She was asked whom she planned to do battle with to break the first link, and she spoke with little confidence in her skill.

"Once it started, it carried it forward, not her, and it is this horrible pull of fall and control that I too will have to task. I do not know yet... I will know when it states. I will know by the pattern of three."

Saxon asked how she believed the Order could assist her, and she claimed that she needed to be brought to constant battle with teaching, and battle hardening. Perhaps she must become a veteran before she can break this link.

"What kills me, is the task itself, who I must defeat, is not important if you can unravel the "why" before it is too late. If you can see the pattern by step two and stop me before the third. It will be broken. I need everything from raids to arenas. Mostly I have to beg in the streets any ruffian I can find for arenas."

To this, I'm not certain if she speaks that in time, an opponent may become clear to her once she has become adept in her prowess, and acquired the means to swing properly, it is far too complicated a riddle for I.

She says she will fall into the steps of the curse, and people will see the 'symbols' and react to it, but not recognize the pattern, they will not understand the 'why'

She claims her sister suffered due to people reacting to the 'symbols' but not understanding the 'why'.

"If someone had decoded the 'why' by step two, she would have been free before the third had to happen."

"... But I have shown you the mechanics of it."
This implies that the Templare have already acquired the knowledge needed to break the curse, but have yet to understand it to put it to use.

"Three steps are not far from your perspective, but from mine they are chasms. They move quickly for an observer, but slow for me. So when you see it happen, stop me, please, by step two. Find the pattern, even if you do not discover it by step three. If you stop me from comitting step three to myself, I will be free."

So the final action of her curse is one that is self directed. The final act shall come after she has done combat, should nobody stop her by then.

"If I act strangely as I did tonight, it is something of my negligence, not of my intent."
05/22/2014, meeting night. I'd like to know if any Ordo were present to witness the meeting to account for her behavior.
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