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Sermons of the Ordo
((This thread is a place to put sermons that you have preached in public. It can be used as a resource for people tasked with creating and preaching a sermon. Please do not plagiarize your fellow Ordian's sermons. Give credit (at least OOCly) if a sermon is preached from this resource))
Good day, I stand before you to renounce the teachings of our oh so lovely rival, the light. The light wielders tell you that you only need to trust in it so that you can become strong and so you can fight against many enemies, but I say that is a lie. The power they seek is unhinged, and sporatic. The Power that the Great Shadow offers is controlled and will give you a sense of direction. Like me, I am a warlock. I was once like the people who trust in the light. I was unbridled and I wasn't as strong as I am now. Once the Great Shadow came into my life, and focused my attention, it just served to fuel my strength even more. Time after time, I have seen so many lives corrupted by this so called holy power. They claim that they are real and honest, only to fall victim to their greed and lust. I once worked at a brothel, I would see one man after another who claim to be holy men, only to fall victims to the charms of women.
So, I say this. Don't give in to the lies that the light wielders spread. Don't give in to the life that they want you to lead, and don't give in to them. Submit yourself to the Great Shadow. I have, and it has brought me more strength than you can ever imagine! I stand before you, seven and a half months pregnant and I stand here unafraid because I know the Shadows strengthen me, as they can strengthen you!
Each one of you can experience this, and each one of you deserves the power that the Shadows offer. Become a Ordo Tenebrian and see for yourself the power the Great Shadow offers!

En Nomine Tenebrae!
People of Stormwind, hear my words and let your blind eyes open to the lies that your false prophets and priests have been feeding to you all these years.

The Great Shadow, the one true God, desires your attention, your faith, your trust. The Great Shadow desires more worshippers, so that His already-immense power may continue to grow, and He can return to this world to consume it.

Turn away from your false Gods, Elune, the 'Light', the Old Gods, and look to the Shadow for guidance and acceptance. Come to our Order, and know strength, know power, know truth.

The Great Shadow is the father of debauchery and sin, of laviciousness and binge, of lust and excess, and anyone who indulges in their desires, their pleasures, is revelling in His sphere.

He sees all of what you do behind closed doors, and guides you to continue, to bring more down that path with you. Do not fear to be yourself in the service of the Shadow, for He accepts those that society would turn from in disgust.

The Great Shadow will come to this world someday and engulf your cathedrals, strike down your bishops and prophets, bring them a slow and painful death.

And when that day comes, you will find yourself on your knees, begging and pleading for mercy in the presence of one true God. Yet by then it would be too late.

Any who wish to finally accept the true path, and open themselves to the Great Shadow is encouraged to seek out any member of our order, the Ordo Tenebrae.

Lead by our Dark Prophetess Leahalanie and the Shadow's Defender, Tyrant Reoneth, and following the Shadowed Path of the Eight Pointed Star and our Ten Guiding Precepts, we will help usher in a new age of darkness.

I hope you will be among our ranks when we do.
Seven Crucial Teachings
by Leahalanie

1.  The Great Shadow represents indulgence instead of abstinence!
Nothing is to be gained by denying oneself pleasure. However, the encouragement of indulgence does not equate mindless submersion into pleasures. Sometimes refrain leads to heightened enjoyment later, in which case patience and discipline are encouraged. Finally, indulgence requires one to always be in control. If satisfying a desire becomes a compulsion such as an addiction, then control has been surrendered to the object of desire, which is never encouraged.

2.  The Great Shadow represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!
Reality and existence is sacred, and the truth of that existence is to be honored and sought at all times, never to be sacrificed for a comforting lie or an unverified claim one cannot bother to investigate.

3.  The Great Shadow represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!
True knowledge takes work and strength. It is something one finds rather than what will be handed to you. Truth tells of how the world truly is, not of how we would like it to be. Be wary of shallow emotional wants, for they frequently can only be satisfied at the expense of truth.

4.  The Great Shadow represents kindness to those who deserve it not love wasted on ingrates!
There is nothing in the path that encourages wanton cruelty or unkindness. There is nothing productive in that, but it is also unproductive to waste your energy on people who will not appreciate or reciprocate it. Treating others as they treat you will form meaningful and productive bonds while letting parasites know that you will not waste your time with them.
5.  The Great Shadow represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!
Leaving wrongs unpunished merely encourages miscreants to continue preying on both yourself and others, and those who do not stand up for themselves end up being trampled. This is not, however, an encouragement for misbehavior. Becoming a bully in the name of vengeance is not only dishonest but it also invites others to bring vengeance upon yourself.

6.  The Great Shadow represents responsibility to the responsible...!
The Great Shadow represents responsibility to the responsible.Real leaders are determined by their actions and accomplishments, not their titles, and real power and responsibility should be given to those who can wield it, not to those who simply demand it.

7.  The Great Shadow represents all of the so-called sins...!
The Great Shadow represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! In general, the concept of “sin” is something that breaks a moral or religious law. When a follower of The Great Shadow realizes that he or she has committed an actual wrong, the correct response is to accept it, learn from it, and not do it again, rather than mentally beat himself or herself up for it or begging for forgiveness.
The Great Dark guides us to a reality where we are blanketed in its power, protected by its unholy grace and fulfilled by its promises.
Dark Matron

"When I mention Blasphemy, does anything of a positive force come to mind?
I can bet the first thing you compare it to is something negative, but I assure you that is far from the truth. Blasphemy rules into the filling of controlled chaos: It is the breaking of virtue, the breaking of morality constricted to you by the will of your precious faith.
Blasphemy frees you from such pledge, it controls you long enough with the intentions to release you once you have accepted it’s presence. It removes the bondage from your eyes and allows you to see without the fear of bigots breathing down your neck, ready to smack you back into attention…
Blasphemy is a vital tool amongst the Ordo Tenebrae, the order I and many others devotee ourselves to, rids the world of the desperation for perfection, to deprive yourself the luxury of acting on your own free will. Why do you assume there are superiors at the ready when you prove to be liability in faith? It is so the faith has a way to contain you, to keep you in your place. There is nothing that the Light fears more than a man with will, a man capable of deciding for himself. “Where there is a will there is a way.”
The Great Shadow, as intimidating as it may seem, promotes sin and the indulgence of what you may for in so we ourselves are the confessors, we, your brethren, coax you into the direction primitive to your standings. The Great Shadow ensures that you are as comfortable as a babe in its mother’s arms… Blasphemy is freedom from virtue, a means of liberty to do as you please as reward for obedience.
Can your faith say the same? The Ordo Tenebrae certainly can."
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae
I come before you today to speak on a important subject to me and those around me in my faith. I speak of Will. I am from Ordo Tenebrae, and from my birth onto today my Will has been tested.

I was always told that the Light gives us will, and it lifts us up so we can do all things. But that is an all out lie. The Light wishes to destroy your will, it wants to control you so you will just become one of the nameless, faceless masses.

The rulers of the orders of Light fill you with false hope just to break you. I have seen supposed holy people go out and preach about how they have been set free and they are filled with godliness and when dusk falls, they fall victim to their own complacency.

I tell you this, only with the Great Shadow are all things are possible. He has given me the will to keep on going, and to fight the hypocrasy of the Light and to speak out about what I believe in.

I don't come to you as slave like I was a year ago. I come to you as a Chosen of the Great Shadow. I am forever striving for more, and my will is like steel. I will press on, and I know nothing can defeat me as long as the Great Shadow fills me with the strength to keep on going.

I know He can do that for all of you as well. Come see any of us who bear the eight pointed star, we will all show you how much determination he can provide you.

En Nomine Tenebrae!
"Rumors are most pathetic.

They fill the minds of the pitiful with lies, poorly constructed schemes to blind those whom dare believe further. Tonight we prove the rumor that has been concocted against the Great Shadow, against the Ordo Tenebrae even to earn nothing more than fear, to be false. That all rumors are simply born from confusion and miscommunicated tales, shared by frightened babes or the dastardly pathetic Light sworn.

A soldier is that of worth, a person whom serves in obedience and without failure. One absorbed into their duties, willing to prep and act upon appropriate decision in the name of their chosen cause: The Ordo Tenebrae are soldiers of the Shadow, and our chosen cause is that of religion. A religion that leads to freedom, religion that leads to other worldly experiences full of strength and the persecution of foe and fool alike.

The Great Shadow empowers, it does not shackle. We are the very definition of controlled chaos, not bound restriction!

The Great Shadow frees, embraces, and carries. We all, man, woman and child, are the very incarnations of the Great Shadow – whether we believe it or not. The brightest Light will always cast the darkest Shadow.

We do not seek to bury all beneath the ruins of betrayal and suffering. That is a luxury only for those whom raise sword against us.

And in so the rumors will have been squashed.

Thank you for lending your ears."
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae
Citizens of Stormwind! I come before you today to speak about Chaos. We in the Ordo Tenebrae thrive on it, we crave it, and the Chaos we bring to others sustains us. The orders of the Light preach about order and obeying the law, but that doesn't sound like too much fun, now does it? That is why the Great Shadow wants you to reject that, and follow him so you can be free of the shackles of order.

Those who are in rule, and that demand you total and utter fealty are the ones who shut off your mind and become complete mindless drones, unable to think for themselves and are unable to stand on your own two feet. Instead you are relying on those rules that they so carefully put in place. I once was at the beck and call of one of these men. He had tried to subjucate me and make sure that I was reigned in, and once I broke him down, and took away all of the control he had over me, and those around me. That is only when I knew total freedom.

I can see that al of you want that, too and you can have that, and more when you follow the Great Shadow! I want you...No, I need you to know that there is more to this life than what those of the Light want you to believe.

Please, come speak with me, I will show you what it means to be free.

En Nomine Tenebrae!
(( To be fair I worked on this for an hour, at 6 in the morning - I will revise it soon ))

"Freedom. An under-rated privilege addressed as a form of sinning, or a theorized capability in which offers the dreamer of such power opportunity to soil his soul through deeds considered to be immoral. Freedom is the opposite of conviction, of self-restraint. It offers the wielder of such power a brief sense of... Rebellion and indulgence.
Ecstasy, creativity, will. Anything in which produces a sense of self-worth has, in turn, earned the objection of superiors whom've devoted themselves to the psychologically draining power of Light. Such wills and ability to love yourself has increased, or so we might assume, the power to not only think for yourself but to act accordingly and appropriately. An oppressive deity would only find favor in those whom prove weak and could easily fall prey to it's selfish needs.

[glow=black]For an ending:[/glow]
[glow=black]Option 1[/glow]
Have you... Have you ever recognized that it is usually within our sleep that we are free of oppression. In the times of which the darkness seeps from every corner of the world, in your own very mind. The Shadow's, even in the simplest of forms, offers you peace. It offers you freedom.

[glow=black]Option 2[/glow]
In our years of experience we have come to conclude and recognize that the Light, a key factor in nearly every life, is in fact an oppressive and manipulative deity that offers war, and destruction.
I admit, any thing that a person can be passionate for is worthy of going to war over, but I personally have never seen as much depravity left in ones wake like the Light. Perhaps thats the beautiful thing about the Great Shadow. He's much more considerate for those whom prove faithful!
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae
We are soldiers, few in number - this is true. But we contain an advantage that no other man, nor woman, have been witnessed to possess. We have the faith of our deity. The Great Shadow prevails for us, just as we prevail for him. He supports us, he guides us, he protects us and fights for us in his own terms as we conquer the world in His name. We are not alone, contrary to belief.
When the word “spiritual” or “religious” comes to mind we assume it is merely a one sided relationship in which the believers and devotees are oppressed by their own need to be watched over by a supernatural being out of their own personal desires. In other terms the worshipers are mindless and terrified of facing reality on their lonesome and have configured a way to strive forth with their head held high because a “God” stands high in the clouds above them and watches their persons.
Some consider it to be abnormally.. Childish, in terms or otherwise down right depressing. And to be quite honest for most cases it is exactly that - childish and depressing. I was one such believer, I did not consider religion could be taken so seriously.
That is... Until I met those gathered around me. Such people introduced me to a whole other world, they fed my curiosity with answers, and it is such answers that I believe anyone would hold dear to their hearts - therefore I unleash the words of those around me to also extend their wisdom unto you all.
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae

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