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Gatherings of the Ordo (Old timeline)
"News of the Inquisition."
It seems I've discovered that which will come upon the raven. He speaks of his agents and informants bringing news of our efforts, and Azrock spoke of war coming.
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Amy's stone fell silent as she strode out of the Lamb, calling out "All of you will burn!". She was gone not a moment after, and Ana was brought up from the crypt by Beledes. Amy had caught Ana by surprise, and clawed the left side of her face to shreds. I'd convince Beledes to track Amy while I tended to Ana's wounds. There was issue with her sight, which Aliciana took her to examine her for, but the rest of her face should recover.

Beledes kept me updated on her tracking, and she'd gone all over Pandaria attempting to run. Last spoken location was the Dread Wastes. I told Beledes she could have her fun, but should she find Amy before I or one of our own, to cut off Amy's hands and feet, and take her to the Red Keep for restraining until she can be put to the Altar

((Please note: Amy did not realize a death order would be issued for her actions. Given she had not yet taken her fel oath, I have agreed that the Ordo will not hunt her but she is also on the do not seek list. You cannot attack an ordo and then cry I don't want to play it out. However, I do not want her toon hassled in any way. She knows that any additional attack on an Ordo member will result in a free for all hunt for her toon IC and that ICLY she is personae non gratis with the Ordo Tenebrae.))
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Ceridon called out to have me come and see what had become of the warrior when he'd found her. Apparently her rescuers had brought her to the city, seeking to have her cleansed, and left her squirming on the steps of the Cathedral when they could not. She took Shadow with ease, which implied the actual passing of her Fel Oath. Though she still expresses her lack of control of her anger, and claims it causes her to be blood thirsty. I'm not sure if that's just battle ettiquette, or if I'll have to make she isn't biting people, but it seemed worthy of note.

I informed her and Ceridon that I was hunting for her rescuers, and Ceridon took her to Reoneth to be held and judged. I'm continuing the hunt, in hopes that some more heads decorating the wall may recompense for what occured in her extraction.
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A feline hulk of some sort had entered the Lamb prior to my arrival, and had caused some havoc. Leaping onto the table and causing a ruckus, as well as killing Ana's cat. Ana stated that Connie took a "Tumble." I'm not certain if this means she was harmed, or knocked down, but she showed no sign of serious injury.

When I arrived, the feline was sitting by the table, with Ana and Connie near the stairwell, and Ceryn having just entered, in company of child and voidspawn. She headed to the stairs after fully understanding what had transpired, and remained down until the feline had departed.

During the feline's time in the Lamb, I, as well as Ana managed to gain some information.
She spoke of seeking 'Mother', which we managed to get 'her' to elaborate on as being the 'Dark Mother'.
She spoke of a collar in the possession of the 'Dark Mother', which could be used to 'bind' her.
I am not positively certain of this, but it leads me to believe it is possessed by multiple entities, and should be considered erratically hazardous. She said that 'They were right to fear. They burned her. They deserved it!'. This leads me to the conclusion that this feline, is Mahgrah, deformed in some way. Mahgrah, very shortly after my joining the Ordo, was burned beyond the point of ressurection by Dragon fire, and was meant to be put to a pyre, if my memory serves. She later reappeared as her younger self, much to the amazement of the others.

My recommendation, the Prophetess should be accompanied by guard when within the city, or near it. I wasn't capable of tracking her far, so I can't tell whether she headed north or south out of the city, so I've no way of predicting where she will go, or if she will be tame, or feral when they meet.
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Here is to be gathered all information regarding the identification of members of the Inquisition.
Listed will be known officers of the Inquisition, further information is to be added as it comes to light.

Vicar: Nolvadis Ebonlocke.
Light armored, priest of the Inquisition. By his title, that appears to name him as one who only answers to the Grand Priory, and is responsible for the operations of the Inquisition in whole. He is scarce for hair, and scrawny in build. Often wearing dark robes and the tabard of the Inquisition. He has never made an appearance at one of their meetings, only in Inquisition specific meetings, or recruitments in the lower levels of the crypts.

Steward: Kaddix Foster.
Covered head to toe in white robes, and a golden face mask, she stands as one of the most powerful wielders of the Light within the Lightsworn armies. She is entirely blind, and sends out waves of Light that while harmful, are not intended to deal harm, but to locate her prey, like a bat's sonar. She can operate on very little strength, and still put out enough power to ensure the strength of her comrades. Her actions observed appear selfless in entirety. I personally have never seen her without her mask, thus her hair color is unknown, though I've not seen her in a change of attire, she will not be hard to spot. She appears to be the mentor of those following the spiritual path of the Inquisition.
Note: When observing this target, ensure you have a solid object between you and her, have distance from her, or be capable of finding cover in the blink of an eye. She has on more than one occasion nearly struck myself while observing.

Adjutor: Kondok (Last name unknown)
Very little is known of this one, though he is only one of two rogues of the Inquisition I have spotted personally. He was named at a meeting following his return to the Inquisition as one who has been operating outside of the Order, though he did not operate within Ordo, or any other faction I am presently aware of. He often wears dark-brown leathers, along with headband, and sports short cropped black hair. Only weapons I have seen him wielding were daggers, obviously more the assassin than combatant.
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Very little is known of this faction, though they bear no present hostile standing with the Ordo. However, they have had a face-off with the Caelestis, when members of the Templares left the Order to join the Hall, and were named heretics. Violence was brought against them, and the Shadow Hall responded, this was the only incident to my knowledge, as the Shadow Hall has not been in their territory since.
People of interest.

Leader: Ura (Last name unknown)
A colossal woman. And by that, I mean nearing nine-feet-tall. She bears large weaponry with her where she goes, one of which being a weapon with the bound power of a Storm Elemental. She is very outgoing, on multiple occasions has she gotten friendly with Ana-Juli, and she is the host of the Shadow Hall's tournaments. She sports a head of medium length grey hair.

Personal Guard: Aspheroth (Last name unknown)
A man of average size, commonly sporting dark leathers and daggers. Very little have I seen of him, though I lended him a hand in dealing with a creature outside of the Archmage's tower in Talador. He speaks properly, and holds himself well, though he does not appear to be as well traveled as one would expect to be the guard of the guildmaster. He has a head of black hair, combed back into a ponytail last I saw.

Known member: Ghoar.
Former Spymaster of the Ordo, and still a contact of, he is well traveled and well worked in his trade. He's not to be targetted for personal information, though if his connections to people and position with the Hall are obtained in gathering, it is to be recorded. He is not to be made aware that the Ordo has interest in information of the Hall, unless it is deemed neccessary. Though he has claimed to hold true to the Shadows, with months away from the Ordo, his primary loyalties may rest with his present allies.
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Herein will be named any and all identified members of the Caelestis Templares, the Lightsworn armies. Their command structure, as known, will be listed here, as they should be the most commonly identified.

Grandmaster: Amelas Langston.
Leader of the Caelestis in all. The head of the Grand Priory, which is the Caelestis' version of our Council. Adorns blue and gold armor, and carries a large sword, bearing the powers of a storm elemental. He has a head of black hair, and appears to have started his career young, he does not look as old as one who has lived long enough to take up the mantle.

Lord Inquisitor: Azrock Lucavi.
Leader of the Caelestis Inquisition, as well as a member of the Grand Priory. An older gentleman, my guess reaching for his sixties. He often wears rounded blue plate, and carries a two handed blade of common design, though not of common durability. His hair is grey with age, though he is not to be taken lightly. This man stands as the 2nd in Command of all Caelestis forces, and acts in the stead of the Grandmaster in his abscense.

Lady Commander: Lorraine Evingar.
Third in command of the Caelestis Templares, as well as the acting Warlord of their faction. She is responsible for the disciplining of the troops, as well as directing them to war. She wears a suit of silver plate most commonly, adorning a shield and hammer, though she has more recently taken up a suit of mix-n-matched bronze and copper colors, and working on the wielding of a greataxe. Her strength betrays her body size. When seen without helm, she has short cropped auburn hair.

Captain: Saxon Brightwood.
Captain, Arbiter of the Order. A decorated officer, though not much is seen of this one. He is clearly capable, as he's been seen in combat a the Crusader tournaments for the Caelestis to name their champions, though outside of the tournaments his actions in combat are not well known. He wears a suit of red armor, with draconic wings decorating the sides of his helms, and carries a hammer with a similar draconic design.

Captain: Shellan, The Pure.
Incredibly skinny, and bears the title "Marshal of War.". She's rounded amongst the Caelestis for her capabilities of battling using naught more than magic, like a priest in heavier armor. She has a head of long golden hair when it is not kept in a bun.

Pentureon, Captain of the Honor Guard: Burns (Last name unknown)
The reigning champion of the Crusader's tournament, given many acknowledgements for his string of victories, he has earned the title of "The Destroyer.". He bears a large blade, with a head that resembles a roaring lion, and a full suit of golden plate. His hair is long and blonde, and his build portrays he is strong beyond belief, he is the only one on this list that is not a member of the Grand Priory, though he is the closest thing to an officer that can be encountered amongst the ranks.
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