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Gatherings of the Ordo (Old timeline)
"Dark Walker."

I was called over stone by Araul to watch over the door to Aria's house, which was blazened over by a shield of Light, which led me to expect the worst, though through the chatter over stone, sounded as if he knew what was occuring.

First personal encounter with the Dark Walker. It was only visible to me when I attempted to not look at it, which made it difficult to combat. The swings that made contact, even when I empowered them with the Shadows seemed to strike, though only disturbed it's form, like a gasious mass. It responded, and evaded me after the initial strike, and spoke in a gutteral tone, similar to the way Jester speaks when not Common. The way the words flowed out seemed innately similar to his language, though it repeated itself in Common, as if expecting me not to understand the initial statement, or knowing I did not understand, and adapting. I felt it's presence in my mind... I saw flickers of Martin, and fear became known to me.

It disappeared from my sight, and I ordered Araul to open a portal to get the lot of those inside out of the house, as it somehow began to open a portal into someplace... Dark. I saw no landscapes, nothing of life. Only of night and Shadow as is flowed outward, and swarmed upon the house like Locust. I shattered a Fel stone to disrupt the portal, but the Shadows remained to do damage to the home, as I was propelled from the roof.

When I returned to my senses, I looked back to the house, and it looked as if war had been waged upon it, flames and blood spattered and splayed about all of it I could see, as a scream erupted from it, as I attempted to get there to aid whom yet lived. There laid the bodies of many an Ordo, darkened by blood that poured from daggers upon their hearts. I found the Prophetess, yet living, and dragged her from the house, the my mind blankened to this what almost seemed like a nightmare. She was upon the brink of death, as I drew my blade, with a Lifedrawing enchantment upon it, and went to place it in her hand, intending to have her do enough harm to me that she might survive the wound. With aid of those calling over stone, I managed to see the faltering of my mind, as the false vision of the Prophetess, attempted to wrest my blade from me. I could only evade before being pulled through portal to the Black Library.

Araul had instigated his own police state upon the Black Library, sealing all of us within it and placing Daralis as guard to ensure none departed. I returned downstairs to observe this to learn Araul had not policed himself therein, though for what I am unaware, he stated he had only intended to be gone a moment.

He brought back with him the Harbinger, whom had us gather that he might purge the curses from the souls of those 'marked' by the Dark Walker. Ana's curse was lifted with ease at the Harbinger's abilities, and was sent into the other room with Aria, both of whom inhabitted the bodies of the other. Ana being in the body of Aria, and vice versa, through some means I was not present to witness. Lilly was called in to watch over them with healing.

Connie was hesitant to lay down, and further inquired if it would be painful in her usual fashion. She only went to lay down after I had warned her, and Araul attempted to strike her out cold, and she evaded the blow. During the process of the culling of Connie's curse, Lilly called for Araul, whom entered the room, and took witness to their sudden state of unconsciousness, as their souls departed and sought their true bodies. Araul in haste called out over stone for the Harbinger to stop, and claimed that his work was doing harm to their souls, which led the Harbinger to work more directly, and actually stab at the curse, which embodied a parasite like a spider within their bodies. Luckily Lilly came soon after to do healing, though the damage was entirely unneccesary. The purging of Ana's curse caused no harm to the others.

After the killing of the curse/parasite, they seemed to ooze out small red orbs, that looked almost like eggs. The Harbinger worked quickly to destroy the lot of them, though it's uncertain if all were gotten, we had not stopped to count all of them before the purging of the final parasite.
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Eltock stepped out of Shadows while I prepared to write, and I... Addressed him, and dealt him harm, and he raised no blade to me. He seemed more rather to be attempting to plea to me to see from his side of the Altar, to which I knew I could not waver in the orders of the hunt... I verbally stated his option of submitting himself to the Council alive, or being brought to them a corpse, and he would not subject. He spoke of serving a purpose to the Shadow that we could not see. He said he fled to save the Prophetess from something before disappearing... The hunt continues....
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1. The rogue whom was spotted at the Lamb last night asking for information was addressed by Lachlan, as Sebby; The only male name that comes to mind at this, is Sebastian, in dark red armor and daggers.

2.Xerk- the warrior whom was swift to depart from the Ordo after seeing the library.

3. Ji, a close family friend of the leafwaters and holder of an amulet.

4. Theo, whom made it known he had become their supplier of poison.

5. Lilly Leafwater herself, whom was stealthing around the lot of them in circles at a small isolated area I followed them to, but then became visible, and was treated as a friend.

All of these seem to have become allies or assets of the Cultro. The rogue, also assailed and nearly killed Saurakai, the leader of the reclaimers at a moment's notice, when he had gone to the Cathedral to speak to Theo.

Nivlac spoke out loud of having put Normai's soul into an item so that he can be reincarnated... Nothing more was said before Nivlac departed, though it seems the warrior we had taken in for a half hour or so, is being forced to relinquish his weapon to Ji, until he has learned self control. He's been given a wooden practice sword for the time being.

They appeared to deem the warrior too hazardous to be left unwatched, and so they leave him unarmed for the moment, and underwatch of another assassin. They called him insane, and they spoke of it being controllable, and knowing it to be capable, because of Beledes' insanity being controlled. Has the Ordo known that Beledes is unstable beyond the use of the drugs and poisons she administers to herself?

Lilly leafwater also seemed capable of commanding Lachlan, in that she demanded he give this loon his blade back, and he complied without question so that they might battle.

The Cultro also made use of a small plateau just north of the abbey where beginning human adventurers get their initial tasks, above the waterfall, for a sort of training exercise for the warrior. Let it be known to search there if the Cultro remain unseen at some point.

((Side note on Shadowsguard. Quite a bit of God moding in his combat posts. The one most blatant example "Plants Goblin flame thrower in saurakais mouth and burns him alive."))
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"Leafwater and Cultro."

Lilly Leafwater beckoned the new Knifemaster of the Cultro to follow her, and she took portal to the Blasted lands and flew to Surwich. Upon Arrival, an unknown elf in Black and Gold leathers, with a long blue ponytail stood in the doorway, along with a human female mage, in red and golden robes. The first words I heard were statement that the elf had made threat against Lilly, and that she wished them to depart. The woman made known her capacity to summon a Corehound, which I'd not heard of before.

"... You two part of the guild who's leader was lost to him? I'm guessing you are."

The elf accused the Leader of the Cultro of having raped one of their 'members'. The Cultro leader made it known to them that the warrior, Xerkauiis, whom dwelled among us for a short time, to be the one they sought, and that he was no longer an asset of the Cultro. The elf left on the note that they had given them all they needed, and that a slow torture would insue.

Theo was spotted rummaging about like a drunken fool in the Shadows, and actually nearly stumbled into me. Lilly leafwater deemed the location not safe immediately after, and they departed to the locked gates of Karazhan to avoid prying eyes. We were forced to depart.
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Eltock approached me following the meeting, and I attempted to sway him with word rather than the swarm of those that remained over stone, with how poor the results had been with that tactic. I managed to get him to reveal perhaps more than he meant to be known before his departure. I'd never seen him make the first move aggressively, but tonight, he did. He spoke of "Going out with a bang.", and when I inquired, he attempted to pull blade on me for the first time. However his charge was cut short by an arrow of incredibly unique design that looked as if it would have struck him had he moved a heartbeat later. Before he took to the Shadows and flooded the area in smoke, he mentioned something of satyrs. It seems Balandor may be making good on his alliance.

The shaft of the arrow was made of a green wood I'd not seen before, and the fletchings seemed to be feathers made of pure Shadow energy, that have yet to dissipate. The arrow head had flecks of truesilver that were otherwise invisible until I brought them into the candle light of where I have taken to my writing. It was coated with a poison, that when I began to test to identify, burned my skin, though not of heat. It seems that the liquid element of the poison was holy water, and the most potent of the ingredients was Wolf's Bane. Balandor may simply be seeking to capture Eltock again. But now knowing this, all Ordo should be on their toes, if he is actually aiming to -start- fights.
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I had noticed that Aria was acting strangely, and actually opening her bag and seemed to be addressing something within it. Noting this behavior, I observed her features. She looks exhausted, like she hasn't been resting lately, and her movements slow and stiff.

Ceryn spoke to me over my coin, and said she was witnessing more strange behavior from her when I had gone to retrieve the dagger and pommel stone from their hiding place.
She took note of Aria speaking to 'herself', and asking someone whom was not identified to be quiet while holding her bad, and saying that something was a bad idea. I fear perhaps something may be extending influence upon her.
"Someone whispered me, telling me that everyone is going to abandon me..."
"All must wither, all must die. You are the cause."
It sounds much like something with malevolent intentions lingers in something Aria carries with her.
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Ana made it known to me over stone she had spoken to a youth she has taken under her wing, and told her bits and pieces about the Ordo. I spoke with her, and she seemed eager. I've done very little in the way of interviewing potential members, but I felt her first impression good enough to offer her probationary status, to study and be capable of asking questions over stone. I apologize if I've over stepped my bounds in doing so. She's a young warlock named Amy, whom actually lives with Ana, in the home of Aria, and Connie. Connie made it known to me that Amy's behavior is much more sporadic than she appeared when I spoke with her, and says she is eager to use her powers for setting things aflame. More than that, I've yet to inquire. I told Connie that if the girl proves to not service the Shadow well in the fields, then as was stated before, she will service in other matters. I only hope that it won't come to that.
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Letter from Connie on the night of 08/08/2014


I'd like to let you know that Beldes left the Ordo stating that she didn't think it was right for her because she would likely be one to end up on the altar.

She then appeared next to Lach and Krom, after some unimportant exchanging of words she stated:

"Oh! "Scary Man" I just said goodbye to my shadowy shackles! Now I am free to blow up who I please."

Now, if this doesn't sound suspicious...I don't know what would.
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Report from Connie.
Subject: Amy

"Amy has disobeyed orders from myself, Ana and Jester. She then proceeded to taunt us, she also threated to light 'the granddaughter of the Dark Mother' aflame."

I further discussed this with Connie, though it seemed there was little detail to fill in.
She'd told Connie to be quiet, to which Connie retorted with a likewise statement. Amy then disregarded and disrespected Ana when she attempted to correct her by telling her to adjust her behavior. Jester had interjected, and she likewise disrespected him when he'd tried to diffuse the situation non-violently, even after Amy had made threat towards the Grand Daughter of the Prophetess.
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"Caelestis News."

Listening to Azrock verbatum a letter written to him by the Lady Commander during pilgrimage, something caught my ear I felt was news worthy.

"We will go as far as the Southern tip of Kalimdor, from where we have heard reports of an artifact that may be of interest to the Order. Once it is secured, we plan to buy passage aboard a ship headed back to Stormwind."

The letter spoke of them being in Dustwallow, dispatching heretics and the like, and headed south through the barrens towards Thousand needles to aid Alliance forces against the horde.

I'm curious what sort of artifact may yet be there to be found... Perhaps Jherek would have some information about Light-useable artifacts may exist there.
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