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Gatherings of the Ordo (Old timeline)
"The Cultro."
Sister Drager, the most recent recruit I have witnessed the recruitment of, apparently had an encounter with a member of the Cultro that has led Pobid to mark the Cultro as heretics.
Assassin was described as an elf, covered head to toe in dark armor, and carried a rifle, as well as a pair of daggers. I believe she described Phurgus' personal assassin, which I'd found lurking in their crypts earlier. No beast described having followed him. Smart enough to leave his pussy at home. This may also have been the hunter whom shot Jaron the other day. The descriptions being very similar.

Sister Drager spoke of a woman coming in shortly following him, and nodded to him, though she didn't get a good look at the woman. They had evidentally stated to Drager that he wanted 20 gold coins, or her life. When she refused, he turned and departed, saying her had to inform his client that Drager was going to die. Seems this one already has enemies somewhere.

When asked if she saw signs of heraldry, she spoke of red lines on a dark blue field, perhaps shaped in the way of an eye. I've no idea if this is the sigil of the Cultro or not, but Pobid stated that it was in fact them.

Pobid seemed rather troubled by the actions of a member of the Cultro, and petitioned a Captain. He said the Cultro would pay for their trespasses on holy ground.
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"Observed Cultro."
In searching Stormwind for a potential hideout of the Cultro, I stumbled upon two of them, one being the assassin that I believe confronted the Templare earlier.
The Deathknight was called by the name of "Sorrow" by the assassin.

There stood Phurgus' assassin on the parapet overlooking the harbor from the Cathedral district, along with a female, Draenei deathknight with rather crude looking armor, undoubtedly set for individual horde combat. ((Pvp)

It seems the deathknight favors the assassin. The first words she spoke were
"When the thing with Phurugus happens, I don't think I'll be able to stay away if I feel you threatened. Is there... Is there anyone you trust who could... restrain me? But let me go if I feel your death?"

The assassin instisted it would not be anytime soon, and that Phurgus and himself still had things to do before it happened.

"It's not as though I can sense your moods, or read your mind or anything... But location, yes... Acute distress... I'm starting to think, yes."
The woman seems to have begun developing a mental link to the assassin. Should he drop off of the radar, she may be our target for drawing him out, or simply reading her mind to find him.

This discussion makes me wonder if there is plot within the Cultro to overthrow Phurgus.
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We've finally gotten a name for the masked agent whom spoke of being the target of aggrivation from the Templare. Flo simply stated. He spoke of giving us a list of targets of the CI, or a location where Templare were ripe for the picking. We chose the location, and he said he would give it to us when we gave him the name of the one ordering a hit on the Templare.
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"Jester and Kaddix."

After Araul had discovered where they had taken Corinthe's corpse, I joined him for the gathering of information.
We'd learned that Kaddix plans to plant her soul back into her body to question her, which could undoubtedly lead to incredibly crippling information against us, though she later burnt the body with a pillar of holy fire.
Jester was addressed by Kaddix as having records of him that have disappeared. I know not if this means they had gathered information of him, or he was among them...
Jester spoke of only wishing to maintain balance.

Kaddix: "As does your lady wife, I assume? And the child? I pray for their souls, that ones so worthy could fall just far enough."
Jester: " I am the Mirthful Prophet. Born in Light and risen from Darkness. I exist to maintain a balance between both as it's Guardian."

This also makes me wonder if Jester could potentially be playing both sides...
They also spoke rather politely in regards to taking the body. He even turned down the chance to butcher Kaddix after she had drained most of her energy to repair damage to Corinthe's body, to prepare for the questioning perhaps later. She seemed to have changed her mind about doing such following her conversation with Jester, when he politely declined giving her Corinthe's soul.

Jester denied being a heretic to Pobid, whom had come to post as Kaddix's guard very shortly after Jester's arrival, and had no hand raised against him in walking passed Pobid, their obviously most bloodthirsty Templare. Jester even called him friend. They then spoke for perhaps five minutes simply shooting shit, conversing like brothers.

Pobid even called it a service in dispatching our allies...
I gathered not if this was to taunt him, or otherwise, I was advised to depart then, and did so.
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Ana asked for the location of her deceased sister over stone, and I informed her multiple times that I would not tell her, to keep her curiousity from carrying her to a similar death while the Lightsworn occupied there.

"There is a difference between now and then. Now, I need closure. Then, I was doing it for the thrill of possible being punished."

"I will not deny it. It is as I say. We were reckless, willing to test the waters before settling down... The limits have been discovered. And now I need to see the punishment to remind myself forever."

That almost sounded like she felt that was punishment enough for her...
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"Dark Walker"

Rose claims that among the void, the Dark Walker was the one exception of malevolent forces, that rather guided her than persued her. Rose claims the maiming beneath her armor is it leaving marks upon other souls. When I inquired, she believes it could be another Keeper. She also claims it is not mortal, and is solely a shadow.

She claimed it's mark however, was different. It makes use of Chaos star markings, which makes me begin to wonder if this could perhaps be some sort of lesser avatar of the Shadow.

When asking of it's description, she claimed it just a shadow, a figure. She noted no face, and says it always gives off an eerie feel. Lacking of physical form, she was incapable of striking it, and claimed it had the strength to toss her around easily.

She claimed she felt the Chaos Star Mark upon Connie.
The mark evidentally is only upon the soul, and will have to be looked at by another who is capable of seeing such things.
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"Commander Lucavi."

A soldier bearing the same last name as the Lord Inquisitor came by the Lamb claiming to be there to investigate the beating of a young elven woman, whom I suspect to be Tanzan, within the area. He claims his militia was stationed in the district to act as a police force to cull the crime. He wishes a sit down with "The person who runs this place." to "Come to an understanding." By the glow of his eyes, I'm not certain he works alongside Azrock, obviously a death knight.

He spoke of being a soldier of the crown, and at the rank of Commander. Imperial looking plate armor, with a silver Flamberge perhaps on his back. Bearing the Standard of the Alliance.
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"Commander Steelwrench, SI:7"
A known gnomish agent of the Cultro approached Azrock under the cover of an SI:7 commander, and claimed there was a misunderstanding with the hit made on the Templare, and was sent there to prevent conflict. She claimed the Cultro was the crown's front for dealing with 'Dark forces' in Stormwind. She claimed she was personally tasked with catching the heretics of the Red Dawn.
She claimed that through the 'Society of the Knife' That she personally cleansed the city and turned over heretics to the Templar order.
Azrock retained his persistence and claimed there would be no excusing an attack on another member of the Order.
She claimed that the Knifemaster would not give up the assailant without proof, but if they were capable of producing it, he would punish them himself.

She then insisted that conflict with the Cultro would disrupt three months of her work trying to catch three different assassins. And then spoke of working for the Templares in secret selflessly on multiple occasions, trying to make herself appealing to them to allow this pass.

Azrock continued to insist that if she wished to stand in the way of the inquisition, that she would not be protected by the Cultro, regardless of her attempts to save them.

"I have rescued captured Templars, foiled assassinations, risked the charge of treason to serve the Light. I ask the Order to trust me now to insure this matter is dealt in a propper manner."

"Understand my position Grand Inquisitor, I am not here as an agent of the crown tonight. but by my own free will. I risk much to come here. it is what the Light tells me is right."

Azrock eventually decided to put forth a third option for her to give to the Knifemaster.

"They will bring me five separate body parts. Each from a different member of the Ordo Tenebrae, and enough to complete an entire body."

"This I can arrange, I am sure the Knifemaster will not refuse you. Phurgus doesn't care for the Ordo at all. I will take your kind offer to him."

"I will meet with their leader directly to discuss the terms of any arrangement."

"Yes sir, I will see to it that time be set aside for you to meet with him. I would advise to bring trsuted members of your order. Phurgus will not take offense. The Cultro and the Templars share many enemies. I will have the Knifemaster name the time, and your Grave shall name the place. So no trechery or mischief can come from among us."
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Order of the Golden Cog
A group of gnomish engineers whom are sighted rather scarcely around the city, shy of those that occasionally stop in the Cathedral. Those sighted have born the tabard of Gnomeregan, as a standard of perhaps their superior race.
One member, whom I've sighted perhaps twice before, sat in the Pig and Whistle at a table with Svard of the Shadow Hall. A rather large worgen whom carries two large blades on his back. I overheard none of the conversation they shared, as they were preparing to depart as I arrived.

Overheard them discussing a dislike for the Templare in gnomish, but a desire from their leader to end the conflict diplomatically. Svard spoke of being married to Gidget herself, the leader of the Cog, and a few of it's members entered the Lamb speaking plain common. So it is now apparent that they aren't Uni-lingual.

It was stated that Svard defended the members of the Cog that Gerard assailed.
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After extracting Eltock from Templare custody, to which I will state there was minimal injury amongst our own, we brought him back to the Black Keep for mending of his wounds he'd sustained before he'd gotten an opening to escape.
Spies covering Azrock while Connie and I stood guard over Eltock reported that Kaddix has been charges with hunting the women of the Ordo to find Eltock's mother. They believe that since he was extracting so hastily, and so little harm was dealt to them in the process, that he is placed of high import. We'll have to keep heavy watch of the woman of the Ordo who appear eld enough to have born child...
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