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Sermons of the Ordo
Citizens of Azeroth, those who stand idle with their eyes closed, willingly or not, hear my words tonight and let them be opened, at long last.

While my fellow Tenebrians will stand up here where I am and preach to you all gathered about fame and glory, of darkness and deceit, of Willpower and strength, I will speak of a much simpler topic, one of which many here yearn for but are denied...

Family and acceptance.

Every person here had the chance to have a family at some point in their life. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives and children, yet for so many, these beloveds were stolen away in some form or another.

But it need not be that way for those of you who feel the same any longer! For I know, looking out at this crowd, there are those of you who know this same feeling, who experience this pain and loneliness daily.

I speak to you, the ill and diseased whom society shuns in disgust! I speak to you, the orphans of war who the cities would push aside and forget! I speak to you, the redeemed death knights who have regained your minds and free will!

And yet those of the Light would kill you at first glance. How is any of this fair?

I speak to you all, any who have felt oppressed, alone, rejected or cast away. To any who feel they have no other place to turn, no other way of life, and just bow their heads in defeat, accepting whatever scraps anyone would throw to them.

I stand here today to tell you that there is another way. There is another path, for you who feel these feelings. The Ordo Tenebrae, the favored children of the Shadow.

The Shadow does not look down at the reviled and sick in disgust. He does not view a knight returned from death for a second chance to fight with hatred. He does not regard the outcasts of society with prejudice or revulsion.

The Great Shadow is the father of debauchery and sin, of laviciousness and binge, of lust and excess. Any who indulge in their dark desires, or fight back against the greater powers that would put chains on society, revel in His sphere.

No longer does anyone here have to stand cast aside and pray for a better life, for it has arrived at last. The Ordo Tenebrae stands before you, ready to usher you into a new beginning, one of freedom and family, of acceptance and understanding.

We offer you a home, but our path is not an easy one. The Great Shadow demands the blood, sweat and tears of His children, and our path has pushed those to the brink of death before.

We bring to you a home, but it does not come for free. You must ask yourself, how badly do you seek acceptance, and how far would you go for a place to call your own? Ours is a path bought with blood and reverence, with hard work and sacrifice.

You must ask yourself if you are ready and willing to make such a commitment.

I urge any here who have any questions or interest to seek us out at any time in the Mage District of Stormwind City, or after the sermons are completed. Thank you for your time.
Some here may have heard of our order, the Ordo Tenebrae, and doubtless the many negative stigmas surrounding our name...

That we feed on small children and steal them away from their beds in the dead of night...

That we unleash hell on isolated settlements and send our demons to pillage and destroy anything they lay their eyes on...

That we would sooner murder everyone we meet in cold blood rather than speak and befriend them...

That we leave death and destruction in our wake wherever we tread.

-These- are the rumors that surround our name. The Ordo Tenebrae, the Shadowsworn, the Shadow Worshippers, the Shadow Cultists... the truths behind our order is what many leave in the dark.

Anyone who fought in the Siege of Orgrimmar has probably fought beside a Tenebrian. Our knights and sorcerers worked ceaselessly to bring down the tyranny and end the reign of the false Warchief. Just as many of you sought to do.

Anyone who has done charity work for our sisters and brothers starving in Westfall, so near to our own fair city, may have done so along with one of our own. The Ordo Tenebrae has gone to the farmlands many times to aid in rebuilding and feeding the hungry.

Destroyed settlements have seen our members fight that which razed those homes, demons and hellspawn, creatures from other worlds and monsters twisted by fel magics... we have defended those unable to defend themselves.

The good that we do - and continue to do - is often overshadowed by the lies and slander that those fearing our power spread.

We, the Ordo Tenebrae, are always looking for more members who seek to do work in the Great Shadow's name. We offer a home to those who have no place to call their own, those that society would turn from in disgust.

Any who wish to join us, or have further enquiries, I urge you to seek us out in the Mage District of Stormwind City, near the Slaughtered Lamb. Thank you for your time.
Realism seems to be a forgotten trait, these days.

We have lost sight of our issues and have allowed ourselves to relax into a false sense of security.

In this false sense of security we not only harm those around us but ourselves.

I will not lie to you good folk, nor hide from you the whole truth. The Ordo Tenebrae is a family. We fight like a family, we abuse eachother physically and emotionally as family will.

But we are still a family. No matter what we do to eachother, no matter what we say. No matter how we act. We will always be family.
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae
/y - With us follow Shadow's, and with such power we infuse into you strength! We are the Ordo Tenebrae, speakers of one true God- The Great Shadow. Follow the voice of the Prophetess, attend to the Commons and bear witness to the words of the ever Faithful! Attend with open hearts and minds, allow us to teach you. We dare not lead you astray!

/s - "Denial is as sinful as lying.
It plagues the mind of the being, it tricks them. It allows them to assume the reality of the world is naught it's true form and, therefore, resume their lives as though Paradise is what they live within.
I speak this truth due to a repetition of a specific denial within this city.
"The Light will protect us."
The Light has proven as harmful as those whom we seek war upon. It is the cause of our devastations - the cause of our gloom and dread!
With the Light hath come hell itself, a reckoning of despair and misfortune!
"Light" declares peace and equality of the many, and proudly do the men and women, baring armor brighter than flames and blades with more blood staining it's edges than a Mercenaries!
-Proudly- do these men and women coated in blood hold their shields skyward and dare claim they are forth comers of peace. Pillars of life and rebirth.
They are the bringers of death, the disease in which corrupts and forces our city into silence!
It is with Light that we come, good folk. We, the Ordo Tenebrae. Those whom are not blinded by fear nor greed, those whom carve a path of retribution - Those whom seek to eradicate the rats of the city, of the whole of Azeroth!
The Ordo Tenebrae, men and women with iron clad faith!
It is we, the Ordo Tenebrae... Who promise comrades of equal mind and strength to lead you down this path of Shadow towards acceptance and power!
It is we, the Ordo Tenebrae... Who promise upon our foe a swift though brutal demise. To any who'd dare raise sword and voice against us!
It is we, and only we, who have the potential to set the whole of Azeroth safe. One Light-bearer at a time shall fall beneath our blades, and with this do we better the world. Without the Light...War will cease.
Sons, daughters, husbands and wifes will return home- It is they, the minorities, who will be removed from the battle fields and returned safely. Never again will war be demanded of you! Never again will misfortune and neglection be practiced upon you!
Merely come forth, with open minds and hearts, and accept he - the one true God, The Great Shadow - into your lives. We are all his Children. Some are just lost."

/y - Return to your homesteads with our words weighing heavy - Forget us naught, for we shant be removed. We remain, unwavering in faith and strengthened with our numbers. The End approaches, be amongst our ranks before such can begin!
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae
Seeking to revise this in the near future:

"Before you can enact and put forth your teachings to use you must be taught them. You cannot perform Discipline if you have a -basic- understanding. It requires more than just being a good boy- It's gaining the respect of others by giving them the respect they themselves earned through their years of service to Shadow.
It may seem a- as the young ones call it- drag, but there is method to our madness. And that method is something that must be fitted to the individual. Like armor.
Years of service to the Shadow grants respect, so sees the deity you fight for fit. In the mundane sense... It may seem a waste, that there is no true honor to be held as, in general, this is a civil war between us and those who technically are our brethren... But there is honor in fighting for what you believe to be true. To fight, win or lose, is victory should the Shadow deem your sacrifice... Well, as previously stated, worthy.
The Prophetess and Tyrant will never guide you wrong. They are our ears, eyes and guiding hands. Should, by some god-forbidden instance, they become corrupted... Should the Power they saught corrupt absolutely... It will not be us whom corrects them. It will be the Shadow himself. He condones naught those whom seek to disrupt the peaceful ways of the Ordo, but he seeks to strengthen us."
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae

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