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Sermons of the Ordo
Realism seems to be a forgotten trait, these days.

We have lost sight of our issues and have allowed ourselves to relax into a false sense of security.

In this false sense of security we not only harm those around us but ourselves.

I will not lie to you good folk, nor hide from you the whole truth. The Ordo Tenebrae is a family. We fight like a family, we abuse eachother physically and emotionally as family will.

But we are still a family. No matter what we do to eachother, no matter what we say. No matter how we act. We will always be family.
"Ordian women are hardly damsels in distress. They are the dragons which wreak chaos upon they whom underestimate them."
~Ana-Juli Mirkstone, Councilor of the Ordo Tenebrae

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