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Sermons of the Ordo
Some here may have heard of our order, the Ordo Tenebrae, and doubtless the many negative stigmas surrounding our name...

That we feed on small children and steal them away from their beds in the dead of night...

That we unleash hell on isolated settlements and send our demons to pillage and destroy anything they lay their eyes on...

That we would sooner murder everyone we meet in cold blood rather than speak and befriend them...

That we leave death and destruction in our wake wherever we tread.

-These- are the rumors that surround our name. The Ordo Tenebrae, the Shadowsworn, the Shadow Worshippers, the Shadow Cultists... the truths behind our order is what many leave in the dark.

Anyone who fought in the Siege of Orgrimmar has probably fought beside a Tenebrian. Our knights and sorcerers worked ceaselessly to bring down the tyranny and end the reign of the false Warchief. Just as many of you sought to do.

Anyone who has done charity work for our sisters and brothers starving in Westfall, so near to our own fair city, may have done so along with one of our own. The Ordo Tenebrae has gone to the farmlands many times to aid in rebuilding and feeding the hungry.

Destroyed settlements have seen our members fight that which razed those homes, demons and hellspawn, creatures from other worlds and monsters twisted by fel magics... we have defended those unable to defend themselves.

The good that we do - and continue to do - is often overshadowed by the lies and slander that those fearing our power spread.

We, the Ordo Tenebrae, are always looking for more members who seek to do work in the Great Shadow's name. We offer a home to those who have no place to call their own, those that society would turn from in disgust.

Any who wish to join us, or have further enquiries, I urge you to seek us out in the Mage District of Stormwind City, near the Slaughtered Lamb. Thank you for your time.

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