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Rules of the Ordo
This list has always been present, but never expressly written and strictly enforced. Moving forward as a guild, if we seek to become and remain a successful rp guild, structure must be followed. This list is and will always be subject to review and change at the discretion of the Dark Council. If you believe that your case falls into some grey area not covered here, it will be at the discretion of the Dark Council to judge your claim, though realize that any and all attempts to appeal a punishment for the breaking of these rules either in, or out of character are only appeals. No reprieve from the consequences of the actions of yourself or your character should be expected, only hoped for.

Rule #1: No harm shall be done unto a brother or sister of blood or bond. Beit by their sword or guile, or the might of theirs or another, unless the circumstances of the incident are in defense self.
- Under said circumstances, all measures should be exhausted to ensure the survival of both parties so that the conflict of the time be addressed by the Council, and dealt with by appropriate authorities. The taking of the life of a Child of the Darkness is to be named by the Shadow, or by those who speak for it by right of Spiritual exaltation and status.

OOC: Attacking directly, or indirectly other guild members is strictly prohibited. We are all here to have fun, and if you believe that your fun, or your character’s story comes from the need to make the game unfun for someone else, regardless of reason, this will be considered harassment. This is your only warning.

Rule #2: When the call of the Faithful is made, all who heed and hear to the Shadows over stone at the time of gathering, beit martial or spiritual must answer the call.
Under special circumstances, where the orders of the heads of the path, or the Dark Council may supersede the daily comings and goings of gatherings held, can abscence while one’s presence is active in the Darkness be deemed acceptable, though that is at the discretion of the Dark Council. In all other instances, one on the Shadows at the time of Gathering must heed the call.
To welcome the blessings of the Dark, but heed not the call to duty, briefing or fellowship is lethargic and, and a clear demonstration of lacking Discipline that will not go unanswered.

OOC: If you do not plan on attending the meeting, but being online in game, do not be on an Ordo Tenebrae character, or on a character in the out of character channel unless you have already established with the Council a regular reason for lack of attendance. Special cases will be heard, but nothing is promised.

Rule #3: While the Shadow’s Will is to enable, and free others of the shackles of the Light’s judgement and condescending gazes and doctrine, such freedom shall and should never be used without care. The freedoms you enjoy are yours, and yours alone. To anyone you choose to share them with, you shall do so in settings that are befitting to the enaction of your freedoms; Partaking of Debauchery, Gluttony and Masochism are grand and sacred to those who partake, but this shall never be exercised in public, lest the Children of the Dark Shadow be looked upon shamingly by public displays of indignity.

OOC: You are welcome to rp however you wish, that is your right, because you pay for this game, and if you are not enjoying what you pay for, what are you doing? However, so long as you carry the guild tag, that character will not be permitted to lounge in Goldshire, or other large ERP hubs, and what ERP or crazy personal rp you choose to perform on said character, must be done in private; Meaning party chat, whispers, things of that nature.
We enforce an 18+ age requirement because some of the darker rp this guild has gotten into in the past is due to graphic violence and gore. Things children nowadays will need a parent’s company to view. There are children under that age playing this game, and we will not be willing contributors to putting smut or other grotesque content into the fair view of children. If we get screenshots from concerned parties of you rping aloud publicly with the guild tag, you will be promptly removed. This has affected the reputation of the guild on it’s origin server, and the possibility of that happening again will not be tolerated.

Rule #4: Under no circumstances shall one amongst the Shadowed Children speak, or act with the name and authority of the Ordo unless expressly stated by at least one member of the Dark Council. This counts with regards to starting conflicts, evading punishment for violation of the law, or even creating bridges intended in friendship with other Orders or factions.

OOC: The Dark Council has multiple officers for a reason. One of these reasons is having multiple people who have had an extended period of time within the guild together to discuss what has come from what sort of interactions, with other groups of people. If plot is pitched to any member of the guild, it must be submitted to the Council for discussion.

This is 100% NOT with the intention of stunting roleplay opportunities. This is to ensure that the people who attempt to coordinate roleplay know who and what we are dealing with, and what we believe will benefit the course of the guild.

Rule #5: Complacency as is stated in the Precepts makes weak of the strong. In such case, those who have demonstrated devotion, knowledge and ability to serve along the Path, and have become figures of example, and leadership to the newly enlightened must not become unfavorable in the eyes of the Dark and it’s chosen leadership. To become and remain an example, one must continue to be such beyond the time they are named noteworthy.

OOC: To keep rank, each character in the guild, alt or not, must attend at least one event per month, to encourage and promote roleplay amongst the guild, and keep your characters actively involved. Violating this will not result in penance, however rank will be redacted, and the need to re-earn it in entirety will be enforced.
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