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What Is The Great Shadow? - Leahalani - 12-01-2014

The Great Shadow is the spirit of freedom, ecstasy, rebellion, indulgence, self-transformation, creation and an unbridled love for life -- both in its carnal and spiritual forms. The Great Shadow ultimately wants mortal beings to indulge in life, to enjoy themselves and to accumulate more knowledge. As such, a true Ordo will bring low those who do not understand the ways of the shadow that they might build a new foundation in the warmth of its glory.

If you think of Life as a garden, we that follow the Shadow are gardeners, pruning here, weeding there. Willing to dig up or burn out sections that bear no fruit. We bring change and growth. Those of the light wish the garden to never change, to have it remain exactly as it is forever. Weeds and all. The force of order and stagnation.