Forum Announcement: Rules Of Engagement
We have been in discussion with a group of RPers outside of the Ordo and have come to an agreement as to how we can properly manage conflict RP to the benefit of all those involved. Below is what we came up with!

Key Points

- RP Fights; not roll based
- Fights should be fair; neither side winning all the time.
- Each side has a way to ICly call for assistance; this should not be thought of as godmodding.
- Attacking within Stormwind can and will lead to arrest. If arrested you must RP that out if caught attacking within Stormwind.
- Code word to be used when initially whispering is ROSE.
- No finding of captured people for 45 minutes to allow rp typing and also that the captured person gets to decide if they are found.

We want more story than fights. That is our hope.

Rules of Engagement
1. Whisper for a surprise attack.
2. Whisper to make sure the subjects can stay on line to fight.
3. Make sure that the story is what we push, and not each other.
4. Emote attacks; no ten attacks per one turn. No super men or women. We can't block or dodge every attack.
5. No perma deaths for any one.
6. Whisper to your combat partner to see if they are willing to take major damage.
7. Silencing for help takes removing guildstone from Ordo Members. Magic Cuffs for Zan's people.